Grapes for children with cold and cough


It's frustrating to know that antibiotics or other prescription drugs can help when a common cold or a viral cough depresses your child. Your child's pediatrician is the best source of over-the-counter medicines and food specialists. However, it is important to remember that when your throat is inflamed and dry, foods you crave, such as grapes, may not be suitable for young children.

University of Maryland Medical Center says that grapes are theoretically renowned for their therapeutic abilities. Historically, immature grapes have been used to treat sore throats, while mature grapes have been used to treat nausea and other diseases. Although it is not known whether grapes can really cure specific diseases, these fruits are rich in antioxidants and contribute to overall health. For older children with cough and cold, the high water content of grapes provides much-needed hydration during illness, as well as antioxidant vitamins and compounds.

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MEDLINE plus warned that children should not be given whole grapes, whether they are sick or healthy. Grapes and other finger foods, such as hot dogs, popcorn and raw vegetables, are at risk of asphyxiation for children under 2 years of age. Cut the grapes in half, mash or peel them to reduce the chance of asphyxia. In addition, give your child some soft fruits, such as apple jam and canned or cooked fruit dices.


Supplies grapes in the form of substitutes by supplying grape juice to children. Grape juice and other non-citrus juices are nutritious, Kidshealth says. When your child has a cold or cough, you can choose to rehydrate. Children need water when they are sick, but orange juice and soda can irritate their throats. also recommends warm liquids, such as broth or warm lemonade. Chicken soup can help relieve chest tightness, at the same time play an anti-inflammatory role, prevent the production of harmful cells. In order to ensure the safety of Chicken Soup for children, noodles, vegetables and chicken can be cut into small pieces, or the "chicken and star" store brand which uses the ingredients of cut pieces can be selected.

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Cold Spray Vaporizer helps sick children cough and cold without causing burns. A steam shower sitting next to the bathroom may also help. In addition to a carburetor, the CDC also advises young children to use laryngeal spray because for them, tablets are at risk of asphyxiation. Saline nasal sprays and soft tissues help relieve runny nose. If the nose and sinuses are blocked, place a hot towel on the child's forehead and nose. Always ask your doctor about over-the-counter painkillers, cough relievers and decongestants. The Food and Drug Administration has warned that cough and cold medicines may be dangerous for children under four years of age. Children's paracetamol or ibuprofen may be suitable analgesics for children over 6 months, but the dosage instructions should be strictly observed.