Leg muscle weakness due to prolonged sitting at the desk


When you have a desk job, you do a lot of sitting to earn your salary. You're not alone - A 2013 study found that adults in the United States sit for an average of 13 hours a day, and lack of standing and walking can have a negative impact on your health. CLE-IMAGE_U CAPTION-INNER"> Stand up, stretch regularly and exercise leg muscles. (Image: inneback/istock/gettyimages)

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Take a break

Concentrate on your work will make it difficult for you to have a regular rest throughout the working day. You can set an alarm clock on your computer or mobile phone to remind you to get up and stretch every hour at work.

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Some stretching exercises include standing up, putting both hands on the lower back, leaning backward and arched back. You can also circle your shoulders, pull one knee to your chest at a time, stretch your legs and lower back. A few stairs up and down can also activate leg muscles. Revise your ergonomics because you can change the fact that you work at your desk and make sure your chair and computer are in the best position to reduce leg muscle pain. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your back should be able to touch the back of your chair so that the chair can cushion your back. The seat of the chair should not be extended into the back of the leg, which will affect the muscle circulation of the leg. If you have the opportunity, ask your office manager or human resources professional if you can change an ergonomic chair or bring a fitness ball to sit. In addition, standing desks, including those sliding up and down, have become more economically viable. Read more:

: Careful exercises you can do while sitting in a chair

Exercise outside the office

When you are not sitting at your desk, arrange regular strength training to exercise leg muscles and reverse the effects of lack of exercise. You don't need a special weight or gym, just do some routine weight exercises, such as

  • squatting
  • bow step
  • leg elevation
  • climbers
  • elevation